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Hutton House: Caring for Youth

Hutton House was established in 1976 as a sanctuary for runaway and homeless youth ages 13 to 17 and their families, offering a 24-hour safe space to provide support and care. Hutton House operates a 24-hour crisis line and extends its services to include day services and drop-in facilities, where any youth can seek shelter, enjoy a meal, take a shower, find a safe place to rest, and relax for up to six hours every day without the need for parental permission. A crucial part of making Hutton House the successful program it is, is the hard work and dedication of the staff.

Valrie Thompson, the former Program Manager at Hutton House, reflects on her 33-year journey with the organization “I began as a volunteer, and over time, I’ve seen our organization evolve to provide vital services to youth in need.” As a long-standing staff member, she saw the impact that Hutton House has on youth in our community.

Patrice Lorenzo, the current Hutton House Manager, emphasizes the resilience of the youth they serve and their ability to overcome traumatic backgrounds: “Our kids are really great; I see their resilience and their ability to come from some really traumatic backgrounds some of the times and be able to learn different tools to thrive. The services that we provide are really pretty phenomenal and it’s really incredible to be a part of that.” Being a staff member of Hutton House gives people like Patrice the ability to help youth in our community.

Participating in this organization fills all those engaged with immense joy, as they directly observe the uplifting transformations occurring in the lives of young individuals. Through their unwavering dedication and steadfast commitment, Hutton House remains an exceptional positive influence, providing hope and a more promising future for those in greatest need.

For more information call (209) 526-1441 ext. 548