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Finding Hope and Support at Hutton House

Jaymes, a former client of Hutton House, found a safe place to stay when he needed it most. Jaymes’ journey with the program began when his mother, out of concern, sought help for him. Having run away from home, she believed that Hutton House was a stable alternative from which he could benefit. During this time, Jaymes was a student at Modesto High School.

Hutton House is a sanctuary for runaway and homeless youth ages 13 to 17, offering a 24-hour safe space to provide support and care. Hutton House operates a 24-hour crisis line and extends its services to include day services and drop-in facilities, where any youth can seek shelter, enjoy a meal, take a shower, find a safe place to rest, and relax for up to six hours every day without the need for parental permission.

At Hutton House, he met youth his age and was quickly able to form connections. He confided in his peers about how he was feeling and what led him to the moment of him being there. His peers reciprocated and shared their journeys. Jaymes says the program helped him give back to his community and form connections. Hutton House offers numerous opportunities to youth for community service and educational endeavors, such as college trips to visit campuses.

Jaymes describes Hutton House as a resourceful, caring, and understanding program. He says, “It just felt good to talk to someone with them knowing what I am going through, with them being able to give me advice, and just being able to talk about it kind of did help me feel like there was someone that cared”. He expressed profound gratitude to the program’s staff, who went above and beyond to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment.

For more information call (209) 526-1441 ext. 548