Hutton House, News
A Safe Place to Stay

In 1976, Hutton House was established as a sanctuary for runaway and homeless youth ages 13 to 17, offering a 24-hour safe space to provide support and care. Hutton House operates a 24-hour crisis line and extends its services to include day services and drop-in facilities, where any youth can seek shelter, enjoy a meal, take a shower, find a safe place to rest, and relax for up to six hours every day without the need for parental permission.

Hutton House also provides care and support to teens who are entering the care of Child Protective Services (CPS). They offer CPS after-dark services, where youth can use resources and be supervised by their social worker until they find secure placement. Furthermore, Hutton House offers short-term Crisis Intervention services, addressing immediate needs and challenges faced by youth. A crucial aspect of Hutton House’s support system is the presence of a Family Advocate on-site. The Family Advocate collaborates with various community resources to assist youth experiencing crises and strives towards family reunification.

Hutton House recognizes the urgency of intervening at this critical point in a teen’s life, preventing them from further crisis or bouts of homelessness. The resilience displayed by the young individuals at Hutton House is truly inspiring. They showcase remarkable strength and an eagerness to learn and grow. Hutton House equips them with essential tools and skills, empowering them to thrive.

Being part of such a transformative institution is a source of immense pride for everyone involved, as they witness firsthand the positive changes taking place in the lives of these deserving youth. With their commitment and dedication, Hutton House continues to be an extraordinary force for good, offering hope and a brighter future to those who need it most.

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